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Child's Play: Serena Ward
Stone Figures: Swee Ho Lim, Brigit Jackson, Jayne Lee
Fugue: Anita Griffin, Tom Jobe
Life Drawings: Jayne Lee
Songs of Innocence: Carolyn Gavin, Marius Van Lee
Songs of Innocence: Angela Robinson
Lauren Potter
Breaking Strings: Lizie Saunderson, Philippe Giraudeau
Conjurer: Norman Douglas, Dario Zucotti
Small Dances: Jayne Lee, Brigit Jackson
Haikus: Christian Trouillas, Adriana Urdaneta, Jacques Brouqet
The Vault: Jayne Lee
Andante Amoroso: Stewart Arnold, Serena Ward
Helix: David Armstrong, Brigit Jackson, Michelle Lamb
The Vault: Jane Haw, Jayne Lee, Stewart Arnold
Dragons Ascending: Sally Estep, Philippe Giraudeau
Conjurer: Sean Feldman, Norman Douglas
Helix: Michael Small, Anita Griffin
Tiger Soul: Michael Small, Lizie Saunderson


This website is a record of Ingegerd Lönnroth’s choregraphy – a twenty-year period of intense activity running from the early 70s to the early 90s.  Thirty-five dances are recorded using selective still photos and extracts from filmed rehearsals and live performances.

This site is more than just a record of Ingegerd’s choreography, it is a significant collection of dance photography by some of the principal dance photographers of this period: Dee Conway and Clive Boursnell to name just two.

Some of the material has been lying untouched for more than thirty years, which gives rise to a number of problems – in particular, the remembrance of dates and the correct names of all of the dancers, musicians, costume designers, set designers and everyone else that played a part.  Wherever possible, original programmes have been combed for detail.  Apologies must though be offered for any misspelled names, omissions or any other obvious factual errors.

A further problem is the fact that most of the dances were recorded on video formats that have long since disappeared.  It is an ongoing activity to digitise as much of the original analogue archive as possible and to upload extracts to the site and also to YouTube and Vimeo.

The twenty years that this record covers is also a memory of a life focused on The Place.  Many of the works had their premiers there.  Most of the dancers and musicians mentioned here have some association with The Place – and many will remember first-night performances followed by drinks at Mabels and then probably a meal in a Camden Town Greek restaurant.